HOUSE or COMMERICAL BUILDING 2018-04-11T05:21:10+00:00

For COMMERCIAL SPACE, it is easy to install easy to order and can work in any condition no matter how hot or cold, windy or dusty ESS can work anywhere. Commercial buildings such cooperate offices, large hotels, telecommunication companies, IT companies, Data centers, shopping malls, ETC. ESS can work anywhere it put to the test of savings. For any large commercial property ESS can save lots of money by reducing electrical waste.
 Telecommunication Towers ) Health Care Hospitals and clinics
 Data Centers ) Electrical Charging Stations
 IT Companies ) Petrol Pump Stations
 Hotels ) Education
 Shopping Centers ) Theaters
 Commercial / Office Space
For Residential usage, ESS provides grate savings to the home. We all use electricity in our homes as much as anywhere else. This shows we cannot live without the use electricity in our homes or anywhere else. Now with electrical cars on the rise it will put more burden our homes, it will increase the usage of electricity by replacing petrol. This will be a heavier burden for people with more than just one car. This dramatic rise will increase our electrical bills in your home. ESS can provide the savings needed for reducing this waste.
 Large Apartment Complexes
 Residential Homes
 Nursing Homes