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First Step

First step: Is shown in red color. This step demonstrates state of electrons before the installation of ESS (Energy Saving System). In this regular sequence at most conductors’ movement of electrons are scattered and irregular. This causes more friction between electrons and more heat as well as power losses.

Second Step

Second Step: Is shown in white color. This is where ESS installed our connection point. ESS system is creating a Similar Electromagnetic field and is using the potential difference in electric conductors. This makes the electrons regulate and direct them to movement in a straight line. Streamlining the movement of electrons (Transfer Electrical Energy).

Third Step

Third Step: Is shown in green color. This part is due to install of ESS system. Electrons in a wire or (any conductors) movements are very organized and regular, so the result is reducing friction between electrons. This means reduction of heat in conductors, with reduction of heat in conductors, we will have reduction of power losses factors in conductors.
Time (waiting period) or (acclimatization) for single-phase device is 5 to 10 day, a three-phase machine direction (LV) takes 15 to 30 days to acclimatize. In the apparatus ((MV) takes about 20 to 40 days to acclimatize.